Monday, August 1, 2016

Fantasy Art Comics at the Urban Axis IndyCon 2 in Decatur, GA July 23-24. This was also the eight year anniversary of FAC and the release of our very first title Fierce. We celebrated by releasing Vicious Cycles #2 and Fierce #1 (vol.2).
Fierce #1 (vol.2) Created by Raymond Sanders, Written by Gabriel Smith, Drawn and Inked by Raymond Sanders, Colored by Leonardo Giron, Lettered by Jessica Jimerson, Additional Layouts by Mark Marvida.

Fantasy Art Comics first superhero returns with a brand new look, brand new story, brand new creative team (except for the artist), and just brand new everything. Don't miss this exciting new take on the character that started it all. Fierce #1 will be available for pre-orders very soon.

The brand new Fantasy Art Comics logo. By Jessica Jimerson and Tim Harris.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Swag Patrol issue one is here! It will be released at the OnyxCon 5 on August 17.

It's almost here! Shay Dymond issue one will be released soon.

Brand new Fantasy Art Comics logo! Designed by Tim Harris.